Friday, 11 November 2011

The First Windows8 Beta Release In January

Windows 8 users are in for a gift soon after the turn of the year. Microsoft has let it be known that it may even be sooner than that. Consider that the Build 8141 appears to have been compiled on October 21, 2011.  It also includes changes with Metro apps zooming, changeable metro background color, and Media Center is now included.  A while back many users expressed dissatisfaction that the Media Center not a part of the Developer Preview and were worried that Microsoft may have been cutting the application, which HTPC enthusiasts love.  Apparently the next edition of the app just hadn’t been ready in time, but would appear in a later build. At least that is Microsoft’s contention.

With Windows 8 Developer Preview now being widely used, reviewed, and dissected across the world, many users have begun to get anxious for the beta edition.  Previously, the consensus opinion was that Windows 8 Beta would be unveiled and become available during the upcoming CES in January 2012.  But apparently some reports indicate that a beta release may be coming sooner than that.

Number11 400x190 Coming the Windows8 Beta Release In January

Since Build 8141 occurred only a few days ago it seems unlikely that the beta will be hitting the Microsoft download channel too soon.  However, it does lend credence to an earlier than CES release.  Below are two screenshots posted below that show part of that Build.  At this time they are unverifiable, but they at least have the look of something legitimate.

Number21 Coming the Windows8 Beta Release In January

Given that Windows 7 has been so successful, and that Microsoft’s other ventures have been less than successful, at least on the market side, even though technologically they have met their requirements, Microsoft may not want to wait too long to forestall the next implementation of Windows. Apparently, they may have learned a lesson from Apple, if you have a product ready or near ready for market, push it out…this gives the consumer something to talk about, and not just whisper hope and expectations. Perhaps a Windows 8 beta release will be here before we know it.

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