Friday, 11 November 2011

SkyDrive, Live Connect and other New Windows 8 Implementations

Windows 8 will bring many new features, ranging from a new GUI to ARM. It will also let users more easily bridge the gap between online and offline by directly tapping into Microsoft’s Windows Live service. This will be the beginning of a new user experience, not seen before.

Log In and Synchronization

When you start, Windows 8 asks you to log in with your Windows Live ID. If you provide the information, Windows Live can then automatically store your Windows profile, settings, and other key pieces of information in the cloud. This lets you synchronize those settings with any Windows 8 PC in which you are logged into. This will ensure that you retain the same preferences from one PC to another. Microsoft is also promising the same synchronization between PCs and mobile devices running Windows Phone 7.SkyDrive11 SkyDrive, Live Connect and other New Windows 8 Implementations

SkyDrive Integration

What else? Well, Windows 8 will also integrate more smoothly with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s online storage site. What computer features do you get with SkyDrive? You can save documents, photos, and other files that you create locally there and access them from any PC, maybe even sharing them with other people that you designate. Microsoft will reportedly still limit SkyDrive users to 25 gigabytes of space for most files but offer unlimited storage for photos or Office documents.

SkyDrive2 400x224 SkyDrive, Live Connect and other New Windows 8 Implementations

Live Connect

The SkyDrive implementation and the API’s for developers are part of a Live Connect umbrella by Microsoft. With Live Connect users will also have access to Hotmail, and different calendars. It will also be part of the Windows Phone 7 integration package. Users should be happy with these features


Another new feature is that developers will also be able to provide services using this operation. Microsoft even has an API for SkyDrive that lets them read and write files to SkyDrive. Furthermore, manufacturers can add SkyDrive to their devices.





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