Friday, 11 November 2011

Windows 8 Has A Much Friendlier BSoD

Windows 8 has brought along many new features to the Windows platform, but it’s also improved certain aspects of Windows 7 as well. One of those appears to be the BSoD or Blue Screen Of Death. This was every Windows users worst nightmare, in the past this horrible blue screen of abstract words and letters would baffle many PC users just before their whole system would go and crash.

Thankfully in more recent editions of Windows, in particular Windows 7 this problem has nearly been eradicated for most users. Now in Windows 8 Microsoft has decided to keep the BSoD but this time around it’s much friendlier. They’re sticking with the blue theme, but now you will be greeted by a melancholic sad face icon sad Windows 8 Has A Much Friendlier BSoD who shares your grief and frustration as your computer has just crashed.

And rather than inundate everyone with a whole load of reasons (which don’t make sense to the average user) as to why your PC has crashed, it simply informs you that there was a problem and it needs to restart. They’ll give you a couple of key search terms which you can look up online which will hopefully help you resolve your issue. You’ll be given a couple of seconds to write them down or save it to the memory just before your PC restarts itself.

windows 8 bsod 580x381 Windows 8 Has A Much Friendlier BSoDIt’s certainly a much better error message to be greated with than the usual BSoD which just caused many users to panic. At least this time you can understand what’s happening and take some steps to try and rectify the problem.

Hopefully we’ll never have to look at the BSoD with Windows 8, as no matter how friendly it may appear, it’s never good news.

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